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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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presidential candidates facing off here what is sure to be the hottest topic of debate . good morning i am pam cook, thank you for joining us, we will start with steve what is the weather like today? we will have who problem reaching 90s to near 100 today and some of that fog is tricky by the coast. san jose 88 and 89 but in antioch 100 degrees. you can see traffic looks good yesterday and we have had a busy day and we'll see what
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happens now. also the morning commute looks good on the east shore, let's go back to dave and pam. a 5th person has died in carson city novato. most of the victims were national guard members. joining us from the national guard armory in san jose. >> reporter: five people are dead after an unexplained shooting rampage and we will gauge the courthouses reaction but according to police the guardsmen were saying the group had been to afghanistan for a year experienced no deaths and come back home and experience death at an i-hop. he burst into the carson city high hop yesterday morning and
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walked to a table with 500 national guardsmen. he stepped out immediately fired at a woman stepping in a parking lot. he stepped out shot the guardsmen and then shot himself. police recovered a pistol and some version of an ak-47 which was the primary weapon he had and he also had another assault weapon. everybody in carson city is shocked to the core and have not had a homicide in four years. he and his family live in the city and have a business in lake tahoe and we will wait for the courthouse to gauge reaction. kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can get more information any time of day by going to our website if you ride buses, the way
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you get off the buses may be changing soon. they will talk about why that may happen, tara moriarty? >> reporter: they are waiting for people to get online and fumbling around for change but they want to get people to enter through the back door. right now everybody is supposed to enter through the front. now they want to crack down on folks who done pay their fair. they are already using 20 million a year and they will have to bump up the fair more consistently. they have been targeting low income with this inspection program. this new system would require them to wait in line and board through the front door but transfers will board through the rear doors.
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they are hoping it will cut down the amount of time they spend working at those stops. they do support the idea and you could see an all door boarding did into effect next year. live in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. the republican presidential candidates will be in california for a debate at the reagan presidential library. we will have a live report from one candidate who will be in the spotlight tonight. mitt romney released his business plan for america. the 59 proposals call for a cap on spending, eliminating interest dividends and capital gains for the middle-class and repeeling the healthcare reform
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law. meantime president barack obama has to address congress. the white house has leaked parts of the congress and it calls for extending pay cuts for another year. tax cuts for businesses who hire new employees and aid to states to prevent teacher layoffs. time now 5:04, she was let go area serving as ceo for less than three years. yahoo made no public announcement and when the company was sinking she kept it from going under but she was neverrable to make the company better. some say it was a matter of time before she was let go. >> she was ranked as the most highly paid under performing
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ceo and has been for some time. >> a search for a permanent ceo is expected to start immediately. well tonight, students at two schools in the county school district will find out if their city will be closed. they contributed to $8,000 and that school is facing for close sure -- foreclosure again. however they may still decide to close label men triand use the money saved to restore come of the program -- restore some of the programs that were cut. >> obviously there are issues around safety. >> reporter: now a school in panel will be shut down and at
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8:30 they will take a vote on the issue. a man suspected in a homicide is due in court today. incriminating text messages led to the arrest of jaun who was already in custody on unrelated charges. they say he viciously beat someone during a home invasion. he died after two weeks after the attack. his daughter survived. the second suspect died in an unrelated gun battle from last year. they are forcing an oakland family to search for a new place to live. both homes were damaged but nobody was hurt. it took a half hour to control it and the cause is still under
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investigation. recovering after a car ran her down while she crossed the street. the unidentified woman was badly hurt, she was rushed to a hospital and there is no word on whether the driver is working with police. if you have any information call santa rosa police. any problems sal? have they cleared up all the road work? pam is being very optimistic. >> it closed me down on my way to work this morning. >> i saw it too. this morning's commute will be affected by road work although it is light. they have road work on the bay bridge and let's look at 80 westbound as we head out to the mcarthur maze maze. it is now gone and traffic getting down to the bay plaza
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looks light and they have picked up the work on the lower deck as well. it will be gone by the time you are driving. northbound 280 and that traffic looks good getting up to highway 17 and i know steve, at some point somebody is rich enough to have a driver who has somebody watching us. yesterday by the coast, a little tougher, we could have a 40 degree spread between the coast and inland areas but at least downtown hits 70. 80 in santa cruz for a long time but the key is inland areas will not be a problem. we had 90s to 100 degrees in livermore, 90 in santa rosa, 86
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in san jose. fog near the coast, warm who hot, coast and bay anywhere from 60s to 70s to 80s so one of those microdays if you are heading along the coast. that stays south in southern california and where is it looks like around that until it hits friday. it might draw in some moisture but we have a couple of days before it develops. 49, yes 49 sonoma county airport livermore and san jose. some are saying it is another cool one including the city. south west at 7, nothing there, a little low spinning right here and it may end hands the fog tonight and tomorrow but right now it is mainly on the coast and could be rather shallow and thick. it will be warm to hot, 60s to
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upper 90s a lot of 80s and 90s in between. low fog cooler on friday and we will have to keep an eye on partly cloudy skies for the weekend. how a cell phone got a man arrested, what happened to an airline passenger and why? bad communication between first responders in an emergency, so how bad is the problem here in the bay area. good morning, traffic is moving along well if you are driving on the sunole grade, we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up. w, like strawberry cheesecake only yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin d in every cup.
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. time now 5:13 during 9/11 attacks response i responders -- emergency sponsors had problem communicating. high costs, changing technology, it is all blamed for the delays in improving communication systems. they are working towards a system of systems they hope will work in a disaster and hope to avoid the confusion of 9/11. they hope to mark the september
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11th catastrophe in pennsylvania and i can see it -- you can see it this sunday at 6:00 p.m. presidential candidates will be at the reagan library for a debate at the presidential library. it is a first debate for the new republican front-runner. >> that's right, mitt romney had surged ahead of the pack and will likely be ahead of the pack and his biggest one, romney will look to steal the spotlight but it will be tough with rick perry making changes with the epa. >> they will be pro business administrators and there will not be any apologies. >> there has been big setbacks
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for michele bachmann so she will be looking to gain momentum. allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. police arrested a southwest airlines passenger for failing to turn off his cell phone. a spokesperson said the man turned his cell phone on as the man was landing in el paso. -- in el paso. they met the man at the gate and took the man into custody. a federal grand jury indicts a man in texas for threatening a man on twitter. she received more than 20,000 threatening tweet from king. he is now being held without bail. mayor is his advice president of the maps and location services. last year she hosted a
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fundraiser for president barack obama. president barack obama is considering leaving thousand troops in iraq passed the withdrawal at the end of this year. that is less than 10,000 proposed by the pentagon and leon panetta said it is up to iraqis whether any u.s. troops stay passed the deadline in their -- deadline in their country. the city of vallejo was hoping to turn it into a museum and it is going to southern california. it is in vend nearby why right now. yesterday the navy a was hoping to attract new visitors. >> i had some two dozen
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potential tenants that would come here. >> well the navy indicated the southern california group's financing was better. vallejo was already looking at asking for another ship. it is smaller and it is a little cheaper to maintain. before anybody gets irritated, it is san pedro in southern california and san pedro according to locals. >> i was educated on george. good morning everybody, let's go outside and it would be the same thing like saying 101, it is just not done. highway 4 westbound is moving along well and you can see slow traffic here and there as you drive up to the willow pass grade no problems on the interstate as you drive from
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concord to willow creek. it is the golden gate bridge traffic but it is foggy and steve says it will be warm in san francisco today so i does that fog will not last too much longer and it certainly will not be an issue for drivers. that traffic looks very nice and no fog in the south bay. 5:18 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you for the traffic. >> you are welcome steve. do i say the golden gate bridge? i don't know anymore. thank you pam. now it is not going to make much of a portion it is very shallow and will burn off in most locations but some are cool and very warm and i will show you the currents here in just a second. 51 napa, the city is 52 yet low
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60s for livermore and san jose. there is a big difference in some of these lows. a little component west at 3, not much wind when travis is only 7. you need to get over 25 and 30. a deep system is out there but not moving and there is a lilo getting closer and closer not coast. it will keep the coast from warming up too much the fog is so shallow. cool on those lows upper 80s to 90s 100 defreeze end land and it looks like we will start a cool trend. some thick fog out there hot inland temperatures 62 to 100 degrees so if you live out towards antioch and brently and you commute, you will go into not so bad conditions, but a
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lot of locations will be in the 60s yesterday 80s and 100s. we do have a hot day and cooler thursday some partly cloudy skies a low moves in and it will be drawing a lot of high and mid-level clouds so we will keep you updated on that. well there is a rally across europe where most of the major markets are up two and three percent. they gained nearly 4 percent, japan anti-want gained 2% -- and taiwan gained 2%. they have backing in european bailouts. we have quite a different picture from yesterday where the market plummeted, they managed to recover a lot of those losses and the dow jones industrial average still down to 100 points by the close back
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up above 11,000. investors are reacting positively to the news that carol barts was fired. stocks will be up and that's boosted to nearly $14 a share. another car maker filing for protection, this time it is stab. they have problems paying suppliers for months. general motors had owned them and tried to sell the company off as a way to cut costs. the wrong side of the law. >> it is a perfect cover for the other side of the law. they were caught with a car filled with marijuana. the reason why they abruptly called off their
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protest. good morning, if you are driving on the richmond bridge traffic is looking very nice, we will tell you more about the morning commute. ♪
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. good morning, we had some thick fog on the golden gate bridge inland it is clear, highs today it will be sunny and warm with 80s to 90s inland
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and 60s and 70s by the beaches. protests by berkeley is over at least for now. they recently took over this big cedar tree. they were protesting what they called the harassment of the counterculture and they put their protests on old after something fell out of the tree and broke several bones. ktvu channel 2 news learned that the deputy was fired two weeks ago in spring 2010 he was caught driving through arizona with 10 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his car. he claims the drugs were for personal use. the union wrote a letter to the judge asking for leniency. >> i was surprised that the association would back somebody
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they knew was crooked a cop they knew was dirty. >> the judge downgraded it to a misdemeanor with no probation and we did speak to them and they say although he was fired there is still an ongoing investigation. it was a smashing debute for a new member of the san francisco giants. >> high drive, left field line, out of here. he became the first giant and his first homer and major league at bat. they beat the padres 6- 4 last night, pam. giants are still fighting to make the playoffs, they are six games back with 20 games left to play. changing the way passengers get on and off trains that could speed up service.
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also a deadly tragedy involving the national guard, we will find out more about that deadly shooting. and for san mateo residents what residents can expect this morning. good morning if you are driving on 237, there are some areas that are getting busier.
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. good morning, time now is 5:30 i liked yesterday, will i like today? >> yes you will. by the coast it gets tricky because there is some thick fog and i'm sure sal will show you that. we will go 60s and 70s coast and bay, here is sal. steve right now at the mcarthur maze, traffic looks good coming out to the toll plaza area also if you are driving on interstate 880 any time soon you can tell it is getting more crowded so you might want to get out there as soon as you can. it will be an extra loud morning, savage is joining us for the reason why, what do
5:32 am
people hear, alex? >> they will be hearing sirens going off. >> reporter: this test will be longer and louder than ever before. the sirens will be blaring for about a minute or so later on this morning. it is all part of a sin caronizeed test all the way to half-moon bay. we will have a half moon test and the folks say they need to make sure the system is fully functional and can be heard across a broad area people who live here say it is important to make sure this system is working properly. >> it is a good idea. honestly we need to be prepared
5:33 am
for an event. we have arcadia and triple junction and there will be absolutely five minutes before the wave hits. >> and -- >> reporter: and you remember a tsunami hit the bay after that earthquake so san mateo office of emergency management want to make sure people who live along the coast are prepared incase of another tsunami so they will be doing another warning and here again is another warning. sirens here in pacifica will start blaring live in pacifica ktvu channel 2 news. a 5th person has died in novato 7 others are wounded.
5:34 am
there was a vigil was hundreds mourninged the massacre. a gunman opened fire on a table of national guard members having breakfast. this outburst has stunned novato's capital city. they were stunned during last night's vigil. >> reporter: how is everybody doing? >> i think everybody is shocked to the core. this type of incident never occurred in this community. >> the gunman killed himself after the shooting. he had a long history of mental problems. now the fbi has cleared him of terrorism and he was clearly targeting any manwareing a uniform. >> when he was coming with an automatic weapon there was no thought of going out to confront him.
5:35 am
you can't believe the rounds that were coming out of that gun. >> family members say he had no problems with troops and even had a troops sticker on his van. we will be following this story throughout the morning and any time of day you can go to our website your time now 5:34 the costs of the recent protests are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and tomorrow's protest will drive that number even higher. the five protest demonstrations have cost $300,000 and most of that money has gone to paying over time fees for the police and bart staff. they plan on blocking the fair gates at the powell station and they will try to force people to allow people to ride bart
5:36 am
for free. ktvu channel 2 news' tara moriarty is in san francisco with reasons why the fairs will be different. >> reporter: it could soon change and they are considering opening up all the doors especially the clipper doors or transfers. now one of the biggest challenges they will face with an all door boarding system is cracking down on folks who done pay their fares. they are already losing $20 million a year because of free riders. they would have to beef under the number of fair inspectors and enforce payments more consistently. they are targeting low income or nonwhite passengers. it will still require folks to wait in line and board through the front door but it will cut
5:37 am
down on time where buses sit at stops. they do support the idea so you could see the all door boarding system going into effect next year. around 6:00 they will start lining up so we will get reaction from folks. live in san francisco, i am tara moriarty. they are hoping to slow down a raging wildfire. the flames have destroyed more than 600 homes and so far at least four people are dead. we will find out what they can do to help local agencies look for victims. closer to home a local wildfire is still threateningit 650 homes. it started sunday when a small plane crashed into a remote area. firefighters say the winds are
5:38 am
blowing towards already burned back land. crews are using helicopters including cal fire which has been loaned. the body was found last thursday by police responding to reports of a domestic distribute. she is the deputy city attorney for capitola and she was in hawaii with her boyfriend who is currently being detained by police. a fatal hit-and-run, police say a car hit a woman just after 7:00 last night. she was declared dead at the scene. officers found her at a trailer park and julio was arrested and booked into the county court.
5:39 am
the bay area quality management group come pointed can lead to dangerous smog. 5:38 is the time. hopefully public transportation is going smoothly for people who want to do that. tara moriarty said people are lining up to get on the bus and people are watching at home probably trying to get ready but it always surprises me how they would get up for example, we have some stop-and-go traffic and bay point looks okay because of that construction zone. >> let's look at the bay bridge, usually we don't get stop and go traffic until after
5:40 am
6:00. this morning on the peninsular and on the east bay, both commutes are looking good if you are driving from livermore and east valley traffic is looking good as well. not making a push inland not taking long to get to near 100 degrees. a little bit cooler an area of low pressure will set up. i don't think we will get any rain out of it it might be close, it will be cool to warm but we'll see an increase. we start out with some
5:41 am
interesting roads and santa fe low 60s and san jose and cole valley 48. marina district 52 so it is rather chilly there. north at 5 in the pig val hi, west to 12 at fs o they had a lot of low clouds hanging on. there is also a little low spending and it might enhance the fog later. some patchy dense fog and it will be sunny and we will be out and it will not take long. but sunny warm to hot right by
5:42 am
the coast. you can see 60s to 70s to 90s. this looks like a wantest day of the week. some of those high clouds and partly cloudy skies with some rain up in theee he era val -- see up in the sierra valley. you may not know this but you can go around san francisco in your birthday suit. however you may have to cover your seat before taking a seat. traffic looks good if you are driving on the golden gate bridge but you will notice the fog, we will tell you more about it straight ahead.
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80s. 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s by the coast. a quick look, fbi just ruled out terrorism but they are still out there searching for a motive at and "i" hop in carson city. five people were killed, seven others were wound dollars and most of the victims were members of the national guard. they could soon decide to have all the people ride through back doors, but riders with clipper cards and other
5:46 am
methods of payment will ride through back doors. they'll a debate in southern california. it will be the first for texas governor rick perry. they are addressing the issue of being undressed. scott weaner introduced legislation at nudests. it would require nudests to cover their seat if they sit in public. the first offense would carry a fine and the third would be a $1,000 fine and a year in jail. it would also require them to cover up in restaurants as well. looking for more victims of that massive wildfire, so far four people have died. reporter chris welch is in
5:47 am
texas one of the hardest hit areas, chris, what are the conditions like today? >> reporter: well, pam, smokey haze continues to linger behind me and the morning after we have learned two more fatalities have come from these fires. >> everything is gone, we got out with what we were wearing and in our cars. >> people are returning to the places where their homes once stood only to discover there is nothing left but ashes. despite the devastation some are finding reasons to be happy. >> i am the luckiest person in the world, my family is safe. >> the wildfires are so monstrous you can see them from space. this latest outbreak has already charred more than 100,000 acres and claiming at least four lives. people packing up ahead of the
5:48 am
flames will tell you, you can't put a price on what is at risk. >> it is hard, because this all has history here. this is our home base and if this goes, it is all we've got. >> the largest burning outside of austin has now spread to more than 30,000 acres. they are battling both elements and fatigue. >> we had fires from all over the country. >> although the winds have died down, what texas needs is rain. there is no relief in the forecast. over the last few days they have made progress and they say it is now 30% contained. there is no eminent end in sight and it is still moving
5:49 am
quickly across texas. >> thank you for that update. time now 5:48 a deadly explosion at a crowded courthouse has killed at least ten people and the bomb was apparently inside of a briefcase. it blew up more than 100 people waiting to go into a court building. an islamic extremist group has claimed responsibility for the attack. several went off in three mumbai neighborhoods in july and 20 people were killed back then. >> sal, let's look at traffic. 680 had such a terrible day yesterday so you may be shy about using it but right now it is fine as you head to san jose. right now we are looking at the
5:50 am
commute on interstate 880 and southbound traffic is definitely getting more crowded. if you are driving on any of the east bay commutes it looks good but there is fog at 549 itself. >> yes we have some thick fog and watch out for that, very shallow, it is right down on the ground. high pressure is built in, this is a big pressure system and 60s and 70s and 60s, 70s and 80s to near 100 degrees and we will have a combination and a wide variety of high temperatures and we are hard pressed to get out of the 60s but we had 80 in santa cruz. we will have that westerly
5:51 am
component going but lows from 50s and 60s and some locationels in the city are really cool. coral valley 48. low 50s in trail hill outer sunset, chilly in the city. there is a west winds so it is picking up a little bit. right there, it may play into the forecast later on. cool to warm for lows, it looks like the warmest day of the week. thick fog with 90s to near 100 degrees. 89 santa fe and 60s and 70s around the coast.
5:52 am
thursday we'll see it is still cooler but with your weekend always in view higher clouds and partly cloudy skies as we head to the weekend. they will stop exporting camrys and that's because it is made here in the u.s. they shipped sedans and they say it makes financial since especially since the yen continues to soar against the dollar. the online company is delaying its public offering. market volatility is behind the move. executives say it will be made on a week to week basis. they are making sure gatorade remains the drink on the sidelines of games.
5:53 am
no official word on how much they will pay but the nfl will get 90 $1,000 a year and they have been partners for 12 years. i just heard and felt the crunch finally made it to shore and i said gosh thanks got we are safe. a shark attack that was too close for comfort. what could radically changes its future coming up. . our morning paper has a facebook page and just go to the ktvu channel 2 news morning news team.
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. the san francisco owned park will be shut down and the land would then be managed by the national park service as part of the recreation area but they want to keep the golf course open and promise to protect the environmentally sensitive areas. they are now sitting on
5:57 am
governor brown's desk. it is considered adelle cassie in some -- a delicacy in some asian cultures and when they are caught they cut their fins off and dump the sharks back into the ocean to die. >> phillip can point to the marks where a shark bit his surf board. he and his son looked down while surfing and saw an eight foot shark. the shark bit his board and just missed his foot. i heard the crunch and i said thank god we are safe. >> his son was terrified and the first thing he did was look to make sure his father still had his feet and his hands.
5:58 am
real close. >> coming up with sal for traffic. everything looks good around the bay area and northbound 280 traffic as you drive up to 880, sunole grade looks good and coming up we will continue to look at this and the rest of the morning commute. let's go back to dave and pam. listening for a loud noise, residents will hear an unusual warning and the reason why. and another tragic death from that shooting rampage in new orleans fire department coming up in a live report. -- in novato, coming up in a live report.
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request and it's all because someone said "tacos." old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.


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